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Introduction posted July  7, 2004, updated January  5, 2010
Why the Great Green Room Exists
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Gay Marriage: Why Not? posted July  8, 2004, updated September 22, 2008
A consideration of the common arguments against gay marriage
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Legal Consequences of Marriage posted July  8, 2004, updated September 22, 2008
A survey of the implications of marriage in American law
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Is Marriage for Childbearing? posted July  8, 2004, updated August 10, 2010
A consideration of the claim that gay marriages should be banned because they are infertile.
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Gay Marriage and Polygamy posted July  8, 2004, updated August 10, 2010
Is the slope from gay marriage to polygamy really slippery?
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Is Global Warming Real? posted July 12, 2004, updated February 12, 2006
A description of the global warming theory and an assessment of the evidence supporting it.
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Global Warming and the Thermohaline Circulation posted July 15, 2004, updated February 12, 2006
Interesting but questionable theories about the effect of global warming on ocean currents.
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Parents Guide to "Thomas the Tank Engine" posted July 23, 2004, updated April 30, 2008
Some background information for parents of kids who love Thomas
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Lying about Tax Cuts posted November  4, 2004, updated October 28, 2005
Does cutting taxes reduce the burden of government on the people? Let's ask Granny.
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Al Gore and the Internet posted November 20, 2004, updated June 12, 2007
Do simple ideas trump complex ideas in the media? An overview of Al Gore's invention of the Internet.
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Pro-Both posted February 10, 2005, updated April  4, 2014
How to stand simultaneously for life, choice, and the pursuit of happiness too.
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Experiences With A Tankless Hot Water Heater posted June 22, 2005, updated August 11, 2007
An energy efficient alternative for hot water in your home.
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Swiftboating Michael J. Fox posted October 28, 2006, updated December 14, 2006
Why Rush Limbaugh's attacks on Michael J. Fox's political ads are a rational and effective political tactic.
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Reversing the Flag posted November 12, 2006, updated November 12, 2006
A logo for liberal patriots.
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Knowledge and Faith in the Multiverse posted May 16, 2007, updated December  6, 2009
How do we decide what to believe in?
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The Wisdom of the Moderns posted May 23, 2007, updated July 10, 2007
We should heed the wisdom of the ancients...or maybe not.
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Do I Believe God Exists? posted May 23, 2007, updated June  3, 2011
Thoughts on the question of God.
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A Partial History of Computer Conferencing in Ann Arbor posted June 26, 2007, updated October 23, 2007
Recollections of some early on-line communities
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Explaining Orbits with Square Planets posted December 19, 2007, updated November 11, 2013
physics science
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Screensavers Considered Harmful posted November 12, 2008, updated November 12, 2008
Screen savers don't save your screen. They actually shorten the lifetime of your screen, and waste power to boot. In most cases, you'd do better to disable the screen saver and tell your computer to just power down the display instead.
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Gay Marriage, Traditional Marriage, and Musical Theater posted December 30, 2008, updated September  2, 2012
Understanding the opposition to gay marriage with a little help from "Fiddler on the Roof."
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Science Killed Science Fiction posted November 11, 2013, updated November 11, 2013
It's a lot harder to write a sensible, up-beat science fiction adventure than it used to be, because the advance of science and technology has gotten in the way.
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